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Traditional braces are one of the options for orthodontic treatment offered by Dr. Matthew Olmsted and our team. They attach to the teeth along the gum line to improve tooth alignment and are made up of the following components: brackets, bands, wires and spacers. While you may experience some discomfort during treatment due to the tension created in your periodontal connective tissues that shifts the teeth, we encourage you to notify our office if you feel as though something isn’t right.

Braces can become damaged or compromised if any of their components are in need of repair. While the adjustment visits to maintain the tension in your braces occur about every four to six weeks, you may need to visit our dentist sooner if damage or disrepair befalls your braces in anyway, as this could cause the appliance to become less effective and shift the tension on your smile, lengthening your treatment.

It’s important that you contact our office right away to address any looseness or broken areas of your braces so that we can determine a proper course of action and repair the appliance so that your braces don’t lose their function.

If you have noticed that a spacer in your braces feels loose or falls out around the time of scheduled adjustment visits, this may be due to the shifting positions of the teeth, and we can prevent it from occurring by moving up the timing of your scheduled appointments.

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